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Гитарный кабинет VHT AVSP-212CEL

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The VHT Special 6 2x12 cabinet is designed to be paired with the best-selling Special 6 head, and it's also perfect for the new Special 6 Ultra. The 2x12 is assembled from high quality birch plywood in an open-back cabinet design. The Special 6 2x12 is outfitted with two 12" VHT ChromeBack 16-ohm speakers (the same speakers found in the Special 6 1x12 cabinet), a stereo/mono switch (with isolated ground paths in stereo mode for no hum issues) and a high-quality, durable, recessed leather handle. 

Two 12" Celestion G12H 30 Speakers or Two 12" VHT ChromeBack Speakers 
2 Speaker Jacks + Mono/Stereo Switch 
Isolated Grounds In Stereo Mode 
Mono: 120 Watts; 
Stereo 60 Watts per side 
Mono: 8 Ohms; Stereo: 
16 Ohms per side 
Open-Back Cabinet Design 
Finger-Jointed Birch Plywood Construction 

19989 руб.
17990 руб.
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Гитарный акустический кабинет 60Вт, 2x12"Celestion G12H30, открытый
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